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Enhance your HR with Integrated Time Management solutions for flexible working and access control

  • Sickness and absence data capture
  • Powerful KPI data
  • Proactive alerts
  • Flexible working arrangement for mobile workforces
  • Data transparency for efficient management reporting
  • Secure, auditable access and attendance control

The hfx client portfolio includes major government departments and some of the UK’s largest public sector organisations, where maximum flexibility must go hand in hand with cast-iron security.

Cast-iron security, scalable, highly customisable support for today’s increasingly complex flexible working needs

The UK now has the most flexible workplace market in the world. Remote working and more flexible approaches to staffing present increasingly complex management challenges. hfx provides market-leading solutions for maximum efficiency in managing every aspect of flexible working:

  • Working from home
  • Job sharing
  • Working part time
  • Compressed hours
  • Annualised hours
  • Staggered hours
  • Phased retirement

hfx introduced the concept of flexible working to the UK more than 40 years ago, with Flextime® as our trademark product. Speak to us about the ideal solution for easier, more efficient workforce management.

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Hfx - Flexible working solutions