1. Subject of the Contract

1.1. This Contract covers the servicing and repair of supplied equipment, as listed by hfx Ltd.
1.2. This Contract covers support of the system software.  Minor configuration changes are also covered, provided these can be carried out remotely.

2. The Support

2.1. Our comprehensive hardware and software product support is only available to customers with an active Support Contract. Please contact us for details on 01438 822170.
2.2. Incidents or enquiries should be logged directly with the hfx Ltd support desk. This can be done by telephone or by email.
2.3.   hfx Ltd will endeavour to meet timings as set out in the Service Level Agreement.
2.4.   Support services may be carried out by:

  • Site visits, as required by hfx Ltd
  • Remote diagnostics and support via a remote connection link
  • Remote telephone and/or e-mail support
  • Support from the equipment manufacturer

3. Service and Repair of Hardware

3.1. The Customer is to provide representatives of hfx Ltd unhindered access to the equipment for servicing and repair.
3.2. A program of Preventative Maintenance activities may be carried out by hfx Ltd representatives on the installed equipment. It should be noted, however, that some routine maintenance may be carried out during site visits for corrective maintenance or other purposes.  This is not covered by the scope of the Service Level Agreement.

4. Exclusions

The following are excluded from cover provided by the service contract:
4.1. Costs for the repair of damages resulting from causes beyond the control of hfx Ltd, for example fire, theft, terrorism, flooding, power cuts and Acts of God are specifically excluded.
4.2. Costs for the repair of damages caused by negligent or unsuitable use of the equipment or negligence in allowing the equipment to be used in unsuitable environments where the temperature, humidity, mains supply or other electrical facilities do not meet the requirements of hfx Ltd, or in the event of wilful damage or vandalism.
4.3. Costs for the transport of power supplies, for the outer paintwork of the cases or other surface treatment of the system, for the cleaning of dirt, which has been caused by the operation of the system itself, or for transportation and relocations of equipment.
4.4. The supply of any consumables, cards, ribbons, printer paper, batteries etc.
4.5. If hfx Ltd is required to carry out service and repair work outside normal office hours then charges will apply.
4.6. System Software may have design limitations that should not be considered a fault condition. In such instances hfx Ltd will attempt to provide an alternative solution to minimize the impact of such design limitations, if possible.
4.7. hfx Ltd bears no responsibility for performance and availability problems on networks within the Customer’s control.
4.8. Service visits to site under contract, which result in repair to either the Customer’s network, structured cabling, servers or personal computers will result in charges being applied.
4.9. Service visits to site under contract identified as being caused by interruption of the Customer’s electrical power supply will result in charges being applied.
4.10. Costs for software and programming changes that require a visit to The Customer’s premises will incur additional charges.
4.11. Legacy devices where parts are no longer available from the manufacturer.

5. Housekeeping

5.1. Unless mutually agreed in advance, it is the Customer’s responsibility to carry out a program of system backups and to provide timely access to these backups to hfx Ltd if needed to assist with the resolution of a support incident.

6. Conditions of Payment

6.1. The charge of the Contract will be invoiced at the time of signing of a formal Contract, and thereafter at the time of its annual renewal. All accounts are payable within 30 days of invoice.

7. Period of Contract

7.1. The Contract remains in force until cancelled or amended by either party giving not less than one month’s notice in writing to take effect from the next review date. The cost of the Contract is reviewed on an annual basis.
7.2. In the event of failure to confirm renewal of the contract within the notification period, hfx Ltd reserves the right to apply charges for any service calls, until the contract is reinstated.

8. Additional Equipment

8.1. The purchase of additional equipment will involve modification of the Contract charge at the next renewal.

9. Third Party Suppliers

9.1. Some installations require the supply and service of equipment from third party suppliers.  In all cases, the service and support contract for such items will be directly between the Customer and the third party supplier. Please note that the manufacturer’s warranty will commence upon receipt of the equipment to hfx Ltd. Please contact us if you would like to know more about any third party items associated with your installation.

10. Approved Users – Training

10.1. Only users who have been trained by hfx Ltd will be able to receive support from our support desk. Please contact us if you have any further training requirements.

11. Call Priorities

A system of service call priorities is used by hfx Ltd.  A priority level is assigned to each support call. The priority levels are defined as follows:
11.1. Priority P1
Priority ONE is assigned to an issue where there is a critical impact on normal operation of the system. hfx Ltd will begin work on a P1 call with the goal of restoring normal operation of the system via a fault correction or the provision of a satisfactory workaround.
Priority One is reserved for customers who have a remote access facility available for hfx to use, and an approved user available to assist. In the event of a Terminal problem, a Priority One response can only be provided to customers who have more than one Terminal.
For example:

  • None of our terminals are functioning
  • Our staff only use the software to record bookings and it is not operating

11.2. Priority P2
Priority TWO is assigned to an issue where normal system operation is affected to a major degree and a satisfactory workaround is not available. hfx Ltd will begin work on a P2 call with the goal of restoring normal operation of the system via a fault correction or the provision of a satisfactory workaround.
Priority Two is reserved for customers who have a remote access facility available for hfx to use, and an approved user available to assist. In the event of a Terminal problem, a Priority Two response can only be provided to customers who have more than one Terminal.
For example:

  • All users are unable to log into the system
  • All booking terminals are showing the incorrect date and time

11.3. Priority P3
Priority THREE is used for system faults where a fault was detected, but normal operation is not affected. This is the default priority for general support calls.
For example:

  • A terminal is not working
  • A user cannot log into the system
  • A report will not run
  • Balances are wrong on the terminal
  • Employee showing incorrect balance in the system
  • Terminal showing incorrect date and / or time
  • Employee’s card not being accepted on terminals

11.4. Priority P4
Priority FOUR is used for training / user function type issues.
For example:

  • Help creating a new Working Pattern
  • Creating a new user / log in
  • Creating a new Department

11.5. Priority P5
Priority FIVE is used for minor programming requests.
For example:

  • Adding a new reason to the system
  • Creating new booking areas / zones

12. Response Times

12.1. The priority of the call will, to some degree, dictate the most appropriate action for any given support call, ensuring the minimum of disruption to our users.
12.2. hfx Ltd will use its best endeavours to achieve the target resolution times shown in the table below. Note that resolutions may involve a “workaround” to an issue that will allow continued use of the affected part of the system.

Priority P1 – Resolution time 8 hours
Priority P2 – Resolution time 2 days
Priority P3 – Resolution time 3 days
Priority P4 – Resolution time 5 days
Priority P5 – Resolution time 10 days

12.3. During the process of resolving a of a fault there may be a change of call Priority, which will result in a change of resolution target time.

12.4. All the times shown in the table above begin from the time the call is logged with the hfx Support Desk.
12.5. The target times apply during normal operational hours only.
12.6. The target times exclude periods when hfx Ltd are awaiting responses or actions from the Customer.

13. Terms & Conditions

13.1. hfx Ltd will from time to time change the terms and conditions to reflect best practice.