Announcing the release of Etarmis, our next generation flexitime solution

Many organisations in both public and private sectors are realising that supporting flexible working is a motivating and highly valued benefit that staff appreciate, particularly when managed in a fair and transparent way. We’ve just released Etarmis, our flagship workforce management system in which we have included lots of features including Etarmis Mobile, which offers employers an even more flexible approach to managing staff hours.

Etarmis builds on our legacy of providing workforce management solutions that can manage a myriad of different flexible working patterns to benefit both the employees and the business, resulting in improved productivity and happier staff.

The new modules make using Etarmis more adaptable, intuitive and easier to use for staff and employers. With Etarmis Mobile staff are able to view their flexitime balances and book leave via their smartphone browser, improving efficiency and mobility. Managers can configure controls to enable employee access to certain building and office areas at set times of the day and week using card readers.

We continuously look to innovate our system to support customer requirements and value the collaboration with customers to achieve a more intuitive and easier to use system for both staff and employers. Etarmis is now even more adaptable to handle both an organisations’ unique rules and new legislation. The product offers the ability to validate corrections to flexitime parameters, for example, only allowing two flexi days leave per month. It also has the ability to automatically email managers if, say, an employee’s flexi balance is too low or too high. Etarmis’ Mobile app allows staff to view flexitime hours status from their smartphones.

If you would like more information about our latest version and how it can support your flexible working call us on 01438 822170 or email: