Enhance your existing HR system with Flexible Working

Flexible working is a highly valued staff benefit, which is actually very easy to manage – given the right systems.

There is plenty of research published that provides real insight into improving productivity and employee motivation. Studies from many well respected sources (CIPD, Cranfield University School of Management and the Quality and Human Rights Commission amongst many others) have proven the benefits of flexible working to the business. Benefits include:

  • Improvements in staff retention
  • Less absenteeism
  • More motivated staff
  • Higher productivity
  • Better customer service levels
  • Improved innovation (employee engagement)

The research also reveals that there are three main barriers to introducing flexible working. These are the organisations’ inability to manage flexible working, technology constraints and the existing organisational working culture.

The first two of these barriers are easily resolved with flexible working systems that are now able to adapt as the business evolves, and provide the technology to manage any combination of work patterns, shifts and rotas. As well as keeping line managers up to date with their staffing positions so that they are able to plan, these solutions provide HR with a system to manage compliances proactively. This could be Working Time legislation (WTD), and any other requirements for monitoring working hours, including parental leave, lone worker, study leave etc.

While the mainstream HR systems may pay lip service to flexible working, a specialist solution like Etarmis provides a whole new range of capabilities.

Etarmis can be integrated into your current HR system (we already integrate to SAP, Oracle, MidlandHR, Access, Opera, Ceridian and many more) to enhance your solution in the following ways:

  • Rich additional features, highly customisable to meet your precise requirements
  • Configurable for any complex workplace requirement
  • Manage an unlimited number of working patterns
  • Provides time recording, flexitime calculation, shift working and overtime calculation
  • Enables absence planning and analysis including real-time Bradford Factor calculation and sickness trigger points
  • Delivers efficiency calculation and workload measurement reporting
  • Supports Access Control with a wide range of hardware
  • Enables photo ID security with one card, one system, one solution.

As has been seen at Renfrewshire VJB, Etarmis has been integrated with its HR solution to provide a solution flexible enough to manage any permutation of working patterns, providing a platform for flexible working, enabling the organisation to build a more diverse and workforce.