Meeting the challenges of the changing workplace

hfx sees strong growth with 17 new Etarmis customers and significant staff appointments in the last twelve months.

The last year has been a busy time for us. We have signed up seventeen new customers for Etarmis from across both public and private sectors. This increased demand for our flagship workforce management solution, Etarmis, has led to a significant number of job opportunities as we have recruited new staff to support customers.

There is no doubt that our success is underpinned by the needs of the changing workplace. More organisations today view flexible working as a highly valued benefit to attract and retain staff. Research from Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Cranfield University School of management and the Quality and Human Rights Commission amongst many others, shows the benefits of flexible working to the business. It is well documented that the provision of flexible working of leads to more motivated and engaged staff that are more focused, less stressed and better able to manage a good work/life balance. The CIPD reports that nearly three quarters of employers feel that offering flexible working practices has a positive impact on staff retention, staff motivation and management.

Our product legacy means that we have a deep understanding of the complexities of managing unlimited numbers of working patterns, multi roles, detailed absences and continuous changes in legislation, all of which can be integrated with an organisation’s incumbent HR or Payroll systems. Now with our latest release we have included new features that provide even more flexibility for staff and employers to manage working hours, meet new changes in legislation, and view worked hours, sickness and leave balances via a smartphone.

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