How can we help you save over £45,000* each year?

Our new Cost Benefit Analysis can show exactly how much time and money our systems could save you.

Saving you time and money

  • Are you using a manual timesheet or spreadsheet for recording flexible working hours?
  • Do you have a time recording system that staff and managers can access?
  • Do you have separate access control and photo ID systems?
  • Do you record your holiday and sickness manually?
  • Do you have to carry out complicated manual calculations for sickness levels and efficiency monitoring?

We could be saving you thousands of pounds each year.

One Local Council that employed 400 staff found that they would be saving over £45,000* each year.

We have developed a detailed Cost Benefit Analysis that can prove exactly how much your organisation could be saving.

Please complete the contact form and we will provide you with your own bespoke free of charge Cost Benefit Analysis.


* Based on an organisation employing 400 staff with an average salary of £15,000 pa using manual based time recording and absence recording systems.