Increase Efficiency in Uncertain Times

The recent cost-cutting announcements by the Government are bound to have an impact on all of us. At hfx, our systems are designed to reduce administration and improve efficiency. In essence, we help you save both time and money. We have developed several new modules that may help you…

How can Etarmis help us save money?

As we know, Public Sector spending is being cut drastically. One of the key areas that is being targeted is Personnel costs.

Our systems can reduce administration and increase efficiency with new modules being developed all the time.

At hfx, our systems have always helped to reduce administration and increase efficiency. Simply put, we help you to save money. Depending on your requirements and how you currently work, our systems can save you thousands of pounds each year.

Over the next few months, we are continuing to develop new modules to help our customers be as efficient as possible, and save both time and money.

Automatic time recording

Instead of manual systems (e.g. spreadsheets) – drastically reduced administration and time spent on calculation.

Centralised system

One system instead of several- reduced administration and service contract costs.

Available to all staff

No matter how they work, staff can access the Etarmis system – including from mobile phones, working from home and small remote offices.

Manager access

Increased efficiency by reduced administration, reduced printing costs of reports, reduced time spent on superuser queries.

Integrated Access Control and Photo ID production

Why have separate systems when one system can do it all- and save money at the same time?

Shift allocation

More councils are removing coretimes, but how do you know you have adequate staffing levels? Our new Shift Allocation module allows staff to submit their request for their working hours to their line manager for approval

Automatic links to other systems

Link Etarmis to the HR and Payroll system and significantly reduce the time spent on administration and duplicated data entry.

Export reports and screens

Need more information, or want to analyse data in Excel? With Etarmis, you can export reports and screens in a variety of formats.

Annual leave calculation

Automatically calculate annual leave entitlements, carried forward limits and pre-booked absence. Even annual leave sheets can be attached against holiday requests.

Automatic Sickness monitoring

We have developed special screens to help you check staff sickness levels and unique trigger points. We can even calculate the Bradford factor in realtime.

Detailed analysis of employee working hours

We provide statistical analysis, such as Workload measurement reporting, that breaks down employee hours and absences by grades on a departmental basis.

Customised programming utility

If you have a special requirement, we can program it for you- even if it is something we have never done before.

Replace existing systems

Already have a separate photo ID system? Etarmis has this functionality already built in. Use your existing photo ID printer, and save time by not having to support two separate systems and save money by not having to pay for existing support contracts.

What else is in the pipeline?

Time allocation

This a great new feature that allows you to record the time spent- in real-time or retrospectively – against specific jobs or clients.

Fit for work

Instead of using Doctor’s certified sick forms, Fit for work forms have been introduced. We are developing Etarmis to be able to help you phase your employee’s return to work, and highlight working restrictions.

We have often used Cost Benefit Analysis to help demonstrate how our systems pay for themselves, and how organisations can save thousands of pounds in the future. We would be pleased to provide you with your own unique analysis to show how much your organisation could be saving over the years to come.

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We hope that these features will help your organisation deal as well as possible with the challenging times ahead.