One-card solutions for Time Recording,
Access Control and Photo ID

Card technology has changed considerably in the past twenty years. Traditional formats have been replaced by proximity and smart cards, which provide much wider functionality than ever before.

With our fully integrated systems, you can use a single Photo ID card to book in and out as well as to gain access through the car park barrier and front door.

Highly flexible solutions offering a wide range of integration and functionality

With the availability of so many different card manufacturers and technologies, we need to be as flexible as possible. We have never yet found a proximity card format we have not been able to interface with our hardware. These formats include:

  • Magnetic swipe
  • Mifare
  • HID Proximity
  • Legic Proximity
  • HiTag Proximity
  • Trovan Proximity
  • Cotag Proximity

Fully integrated Photo ID cards

Photographic identification is increasingly important for security-conscious organisations. Several different cards are often required for various functions such as access control, time recording, cashless vending and as identification.

Our fully integrated Photo ID card production systems enables users to:

  • Import pictures and logos
  • Integrate with existing hfx, Win Time, or Access Control systems – removing the need to input data twice
  • Print images directly to the card or overlays, with double or single sided printing
  • Obtain optional built in magnetic coding of swipe cards
  • Produce cards instantly (no more need to wait for replacement/new cards from suppliers)

hfx ID Card Bureau card production service

As an alternative to producing your own cards you may wish to take advantage of our bureau service.
Please contact us for more information, including card design.

Access and data security requirements

The integrated nature of the hfx system supports the needs of today’s organisations to manage data access and security. For Renfrewshire VJB, this is particularly important, since much of the data that the staff handle relates to ‘personal identity’, with a street value if stolen. Read more.

Download the hfx Corporate Brochure (PDF)