Intelligent absence management for optimum workforce efficiency

The hfx flexible workforce solution enables comprehensive absence management, with a complete suite of tools to oversee and manage a wide range of absence scenarios including return-to-work, term-time and childcare absence, training and sickness.


  • Manage return to work, term-time working, and childcare arrangements
  • Bradford Factor scores calculated ‘on the fly’
  • Configurable user triggers to flag information to managers
  • Optimum levels of information accuracy
  • System can be set to record specific categories of sickness
  • System facilitates easy management of return-to-work processes
  • Facility to customise extended correction reasons for greater depth of management information
  • Users manage buying and selling of annual leave to adjust flexitime hours


  • A complete sickness and absence management system
  • Helps employees create improved work/life balances
  • Fair, open, and transparent, enabling employees to update and maintain accurate records
  • A wider range of absence management functionality than any other Flexitime system
  • Delivers higher levels of staff engagement, higher morale, increased productivity

With hfx, Bradford Factor calculations are made instantly and can be used to help track absenteeism. Alerts are then issued to managers when absence limits are exceeded. This facility, for close tracking of short-term absenteeism, allows issues to be identified and addressed early, before they become problematic.

The hfx solution is highly customisable to meet any organisational need and, due to the emphasis on staff to keep their records up to date, provides exceptionally accurate and reliable management data.

Sickness Absences
hfx provides end-to-end sickness management with Bradford Factor scores fully embedded and calculated ‘on the fly’.

The system automatically triggers return-to-work employee interview notifications where appropriate and also allows for the efficient management of return-to-work protocols, including full interview recording, tracking and auditing.

Extended Correction Reasons
hfx also provides a facility for users to create and maintain an exhaustive list of correction reasons and categories, which can then be customised to an organisation’s particular requirements. This provides a greater depth of management information to inform HR policy planning.

Holidays Management
hfx records all annual leave entitlements and balances and enables users to review their flexi hours and request holiday time. Accrued flexi hours can then be traded for annual leave where their employment policy allows.


hfx provides intelligent, transparent and detailed absence management reporting, enabling employees to create better work/life balances, and organisations to develop engaged, motivated workforces.