A range of time and access hardware for virtually any system requirement

Organisations looking to introduce Flexitime are often prevented due to limitations in their existing IT infrastructure or concerns regarding management of off-site working. hfx is flexible workforce management solution, offers a wide range of hardware and connectivity options to meet the needs of businesses wanting to implement any combination of Flexitime working practices.


  • A wide range of hardware and connectivity options to meet any need, including mobile devices and smartphones
  • Bespoke solutions provided to meet highly specific organisational needs
  • Hosted or cloud based Software as a Service options
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Simple to use, easy to install solution
  • Simply plugs into an RJ45 socket
  • System stores ID cards and events in a database
  • Real-time data transfer of time recording data
  • Provision of staff time recording data in real-time


  • Supports off-site worker safety
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure
  • Identify booking rhythms and support mobile working
  • Organisation-wide visibility with full audit trails and reporting

Hardware can be used in conjunction with any conventional reader system and is suitable for time recording, access control or both. hfx and any supporting hardware can be provided as a hosted or cloud based ‘software as a service’ solution and, with wifi connectivity, easily supports off-site working with app based time recording.


Users simply log in as they would do with any online service, booking in and out via their own mobile devices. Alternatively, workers can clock in from locations via a fixed booking terminal, web browser or desktop computer, with mobile workers connecting via 3G and 4G networks. hfx is able to supply any additional hardware an organisation may need, such as booking terminals, access control equipment, PDAs or other hand held technologies.

The system allows users to see their ‘flexi balances’ from any location, while managers can easily identify booking rhythms, efficiently manage staff and support the safety of mobile workers.

hfx provides simple, secure integration with any existing network and streamlined functionality to actively reduce any impact on an organisation’s IT infrastructure.