Enhanced reporting options for maximum efficiency and engaged workforces

hfx provides a complete picture of workplace scenarios, with a range of real-time data management reporting options, to assist in the proactive management of organisations’ staffing requirements as well as enhancing any HR or Payroll system.


  • Create reports specific to system functionality
  • Instant/real time displays in a wide range of formats
  • Data assimilated in multiple formats
  • Extensive range of reporting options
  • Create customised reports


  • Scalable expansion of system keeping pace with organisational growth
  • Provides in-depth management overviews
  • Scalable to keep pace with growth
  • User-friendly interface augment workforce engagement
  • At-a-glance KPI management

Reports to manage KPIs and provide a range of information can be produced in a wide range of formats and styles to suit a range of preference and purposes.

Reports created specific to particular system functionalities present information and data in instant or real time display, providing an extensive range of reporting options, including customised reports.


The hfx management reporting system is completely scalable, allowing it to keep pace with organisational change and growth.


hfx, can be integrated into your current HR system to fully capitalise on the benefits of flexible working patterns across any number of sites.

  • Easily integrates into and enhances any HR system including SAP, Oracle, MidlandHR, Access, Opera and Ceridian
  • Rich in features and highly customisable
  • Highly configurable for any complex workplace requirement
  • Supports the latest working practices and changes to employment legislation
  • Allows employers to manage an unlimited number of working patterns
  • Provides time recording including flexitime calculation, shift working and overtime calculation
  • Enables absence planning and analysis including real-time Bradford Factor calculation and sickness trigger points
  • Delivers efficiency calculation and workload measurement reporting
  • Supports Access Control with a wide range of hardware
  • Enables photo ID security with one card, one system, one solution