Easy time management of staff with multiple roles

The hfx flexible workforce solution delivers seamless, transparent management of employees with multiple roles, providing a clear overview of their responsibilities and working hours. By recording their locations and hours worked, the system brings together all their roles in a single employee record and also identifies the primary manager for handling absence requests.


  • Assign multiple managers to single employees
  • Management of employees with multiple roles within an organisation
  • Accessible by multiple managers with specific areas of responsibility, e.g. Line manager, HR, payroll
  • Interface or communicate with other HR systems – SAP, Oracle etc
  • All roles listed in employee record
  • Identification of primary manager for handling of absence requests


  • Maintains efficiency with seamless management of staff with multiple roles, even across remote sites
  • Reduces errors and payroll queries and improves workforce retention
  • Transparency across all management departments
  • Facilitates easy communication between employee and multiple managers

hfx provides the ultimate flexible solution to managing staff working in multiple roles. The solution can be tailored to manage an unlimited number of working patterns, including bespoke Time off in Lieu (TOIL) calculation.

With centralised recording, all managers receive accurate and reliable information with no overlap risks or duplication of hours. In addition, the hfx solution can be configured to send reports to one, or several managers which in turn reduces errors and payroll queries by the employee and helps to enhance job satisfaction and workforce retention.

Reports are created in real-time, helping to streamline processes for greater efficiency and transparency.