Intelligent employee management for maximum efficiency and engaged workforces

Aside from Flexitime, employees may sometimes request ‘Time Off In Lieu’ (TOIL), which refers to time off with pay, equal to the overtime worked outside of their normal scheduled hours.


  • Enables organisation-wide introduction of Flexitime and TOIL
  • Enhances existing Time & Attendance systems to accommodate Flexitime and TOIL
  • Easily manages and captures all working patterns in one system
  • Provides highly accurate data in real-time
  • Accurate identification of TOIL hours versus standard or Flexitime hours
  • Comprehensive reporting facilities with a complete audit trail


  • Makes TOIL time management easier and more efficient for both staff and managers
  • Reduces errors and payroll queries
  • Boosts transparency and efficiency
  • Improves workforce morale and employee work/life balance

As TOIL can be a separate agreement between employer and employee, above and beyond normal working arrangements, it can be challenging to monitor and manage this process, which explains why many internal payroll systems do not effectively cater for it. hfx, with its comprehensive functionality, allows for full integration of TOIL into an organisation’s employment practices.

By distinguishing between normal hours, Flexitime and TOIL, hfx enables the effective implementation of even very complex HR policies. It is able to track complex shift and work patterns enabling staff to view worked hours, sickness and leave balances using the browser on their smartphone.

With hfx, Flexitime and standard working policies can be either overwritten or enhanced to incorporate TOIL calculations. The system can then track and monitor the amount of TOIL that is due to an employee at any particular time and users can request TOIL hours, with managers able to verify requests quickly and easily. hfx can then provide a complete audit trail of these hours. TOIL arrangements can be bespoke around a company’s existing flexible working and employment policies.

The hfx TOIL function brings greater functionality and ease of use to time management systems, boosting efficiency for both staff and managers. It also provides a broader overview, contributing towards improved work/life balance for employees.

hfx provides an effective and flexible solution to deploying and managing TOIL across complex workforces.