Taming the complexities of Shared Parental Leave

The new Shared Parental Leave legislation offers many advantages to employers: better retention of female employees, improved career opportunities for women and more engaged and productive workforces, to name just a few.

Etarmis: enhance your existing system for easy management of Shared Parental Leave entitlements

But the all-round complexity of SPL looms as an administrative nightmare for many businesses. In a recent survey, more than 80% of employers said they were ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ concerned about how to plan for SPL – no surprise considering that:

  • Qualifying employees have the legal right to choose to take SPL
  • The SPL process is a highly complex one
  • Many existing HR & Payroll systems are not yet equipped to cope with the demands of SPL

How well can your HR system cope with Shared Parental Leave payments?

Complying with the new legislation means updating your system along with your current policies and procedures. Etarmis has been specially developed to help employers stay on top of any new flexible workforce legislation, including Shared Parental Leave.

Etarmis integrates seamlessly into your existing HR and Payroll systems, allowing you to manage SPL simply and easily. Use Etarmis to:

  • Manage all SPL requests
  • Record employee ‘notice of intention’ SPL requests
  • Determine legitimacy of SPL requests
  • Make submissions of SPL eligibility
  • Ascertain employee SPL entitlements
  • Communicate directly to Line Managers (due dates, partners’ details)
  • Automatically calculate and administer SPL payments

Etarmis is able to integrate with any existing system including SAP, Oracle, MidlandHR, Access, Opera and Ceridian and allows you to manage Shared Parental Leave requests with ease and simplicity.


  • Highly sophisticated enhancement to any existing system
  • Easily implemented integration
  • Highly configurable for Shared Parental Leave management

To find out more about integrating Etarmis into your HR and Payroll system call 01438 822170.