hfx announces the release of its next generation flexitime solution Etarmis

A feature rich and highly customisable workforce management system enabling employers to offer a more flexible approach to working hours as a key staff benefit

hfx, a leading provider of flexible working systems, has announced the release of Etarmis, its flagship workforce management system. Etarmis offers sickness absence management and time off in lieu and integrated access control with definable permissions to building/site or office.

Etarmis’ Mobile app allows staff to view flexitime hours status from smartphones. hfx’s solution enables employers to manage flexitime hours, meet employment legislation and benefit from the increasing demand to provide flexible working as a highly valued benefit to staff.

The enhanced functionality provides even more flexibility for managers and staff as well as managing a myriad of different flexible working patterns accurately and fairly. Staff can view their flexitime balance and book leave via a smartphone browser, improving efficiency and mobility. Managers can also set controls for access permissions for building and office areas at set times of the day and week using card readers.

“The CIPD reports that nearly three quarters of employers feel that offering flexible working practices has a positive impact on staff retention, staff motivation and management, and using a flexitime system like hfx enables organisations to achieve these benefits.

“We continuously look to innovate our system to support customer requirements and value the collaboration with customers to achieve a more intuitive and easier to use system for both staff and employers. Flexible working is a benefit that is viewed as extremely high value by most staff, particularly when managed in a fair and transparent way. Providing the right tools to deliver such a system results in better productivity and happier staff. It also enables organisations to attract and retain experienced staff looking to work in a more flexible manner.”
said Paski Matarazzo, Business Development Director at hfx.

Etarmis offers the ability to validate corrections to flexitime rules, for example, only allowing two flexi days leave per month. It also has the ability to set automated email triggers to alert users of flexitime balances, for example, alerting managers if an employee’s flexi balance is outside of set parameters. The system continues to support the very latest changes in employment legislation, including the most recent rules for paternity leave.

The system helps managers to ensure sickness absences are recorded and managed fairly, collated data integrated into HR systems for performance management. Triggers can be set to automatically email managers or administrators when employees have exceeded the maximum number of permitted periods or occasions of sickness. Sickness reasons can be customised and reported on. Built in workflow manages return to work forms following sickness with self-certification.

“These latest developments build on hfx’s legacy of providing workforce management solutions that can manage unlimited numbers of flexible working patterns to benefit of both employees and the business,”
said Paski Matarazzo.